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So many things...

So many things to say and update.  It's been a long, long time since writing.  I promise to do it more frequently...

First anniversary party next weekend.  See the link under upcoming events for more information.

Been extremely busy filling barrels... and brewing as much beer as possible.  When we started this brewery, we brewed 2 batches a week.  No we are brewing 4.

By the end of next week we'll have 40+ oak wine/port/bourbon barrels filled with Spontaneous
Fermentation, Oud Bruin and Buckwheat Rye Imperial Porter (both brewed with
Will Meyers of Cambridge Brewing Company), Flanders Red, Flora
(buckwheat/spelt barrel fermented Florence Saison), Art (wine barrel
fermented Arthur Saison), Ann (Sauvignon Blanc barrel aged Honey Saison),
Mimosa (Sauvignon Blanc barrel aged Orange Saison... primary fermented with
B.Clausenii and tangello/tangerine juice and zest), Damon (Russian Imperial
Stout aged Blanton's Bourbon Barrels), Genealogy of Morals (Rye Coffee
Imperial Stout aging in Madeira barrels) and - Birth of Tragedy (Imperial
Porter brewed with Coffee, Cinnamon, and Honey - aged in Bourbon barrels and
conditioned on Madagascar and Papa New Guinea vanilla beans). Nearly all of
these beers will be released around the winter holidays. All of the
intentionally "sour" barrels have been inoculated with nothing other than
our own house spontaneous cultures from our winter cool-ship projects.
Thus, we are crafting a truly indigenous/chthonic flavor profile, unique
only to our brewery and Greensboro, VT.

The guys from Cigar City, in Tampa Florida, will be traveling to Hill
Farmstead in late June to complete the 4th element of our Collaboration with
Grassroots (our sister/contract brand in Denmark). Cigar City/Hill
Farmstead/Grassroots have released and brewed Either, Or, Neither, and, in
June, Nor. Neither and Nor are the opposite of Either and Or - rather than
11% abv Imperial Black IPAs - we are shooting for 9 to 10% abv
pre-prohibition Imperial Pale Ales. Our version will likely be brewed with
organic buckwheat, corn, and honey from one of our local Vermont Farms.
Expect "old school" hop varieties to be used, Cluster/Nugget/Cascade... and,
in the fall, for All Four Version to be on tap at the brewery for our annual
Fall Harvest Festival on September 24th.

We are also increasing our supply of bottled conditioned Saisons - and some
VT consumers could find 750ml bottles of Hill Farmstead Saisons on store
shelves.   Anna is being labeled today and is for sale this weekend...

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