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Zwanze Day 2014 - Sept. 20

As many of you have already noticed, we were selected to be one of the host locations for this year's Cantillon Zwanze Day!

Details will be forthcoming very soon, so stay tuned to our Zwanze page under the Events tab for updates. 





Festival of Farmhouse Ales 2014 Tentative Beer List

Our event is sold out, so thanks to everyone who entered!

We are extremely excited to announce some of our confirmed beer selections, as well as those of our guests. To say we're grateful the guests who will be joining us is an understatement. Without furthur ado, here's the tentative list of what attendees will see... and more will be announced, too!

  • Hill Farmstead Anna
  • Hill Farmsted E. 2014
  • Hill Farmstead Arthur
  • Hill Farmstead/Crooked Stave/Oud Camino: Blend #2
  • Hill Farmstead/Brasserie de Blaugies Le Sarrasin
  • Hill Farmstead Vera Mae 2014
  • Grassroots Brewing Brother Soigné
  • Tired Hands Brewing Co. HandFarm
  • Tired Hands Brewing Co. TBA
  • Sante Adairius Bernice
  • Sante Adairius TBA
  • Stillwater Artisanal Ales Barrel-Aged Brett Saison
  • Oxbow Farmhouse Ales Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Pale Ale
  • Oxbow Farmhouse Ales Blended Oxtoberfest ('11/'12/'13)
  • Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project Vieille (Sour Saison)
  • Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project Vieille Double Dry Hop (Motueka Dry Hopped Sour Saison)
  • Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project Surette (Sour Saison)
  • Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project St. Bretta Summer* (Tango Mandarin citrus)
  • Au Baron Cuvée Des Jonquilles
  • Brasserie de Blaugies Saison d'Epeautre
  • Brasserie Thiriez Blond TBA
  • Virtue Cider TBA
  • Hopfenstark TBA
  • Le Trou du Diable TBA
  • More to be announced soon!

Paying with plastic? Give your bank/card company a heads up!

We are very excited to start accepting cards today and want to make the process as smooth as possible for all of you.

To that end, we are asking for your help!  If you can call the number on the back of your credit/debit card and ask them to note your account with the following information it will ensure that your card swipe is authorized on the first try and without you having to call them from line/checkout:

  1. I will be traveling and using my card in Greensboro Bend, VT on the following days…
  2. I will be using my card at Hill Farmstead Brewery
  3. I may make several transactions at Hill Farmstead Brewery in the same day, or even the same hour
  4. You could also give them an idea of the figures you may spend or some maximum threshold (bigger $ amounts get flagged more often)

Cell service here can be spotty and we certainly want to keep the line moving and get everyone their beer ASAP so they can enjoy the rest of their day, so if you have the ability to call your card company before arriving we would genuinely appreciate it.

One other note: if you have a Chase card they sometimes will send you a text and an email asking you to authorize a transaction if it is flagged.  This happened to me at Torst/Luksus a few weeks ago and once I texted back to accept they were able to run the card.  Other card companies may do this as well.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide on the above, we appreciate it.  As the algorithms and computers at the card companies get used to us accepting cards and customer patterns this won’t be an issue, but we want to be proactive here in the early days and make things as comfortable as possible for all of you. 

If you have questions or concerns feel free to contact me:



Credit Cards! Now accepted at The Hill Farmstead Retail Shop.

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards for payment in our retail shop.  A few notes…

  1. This includes debit cards that have the aforementioned logos on them
  2. We will not be accepting American Express (or other cards not listed above)
  3. We will still be accepting cash
This is part of our ongoing efforts to improve the overall customer experience and reduce the waiting time in our shop.  Our entire staff spends many hours (often late at night) thinking about what we can do better.  We appreciate the feedback we get from many of you and your patience as Phase 2 construction progresses and we approach the occupation of our permanent retail shop.  


Thanks for supporting Hill Farmstead Brewery!