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To hand craft succinct, elegant beers of distinction and to revive and diversify the farmscape of the Hill Farmstead in Greensboro...


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The Return of Poetica

Beginning Thursday, July 12, we will present Poetica 2, the continuation of our lager experimentation journey. This will be available only on draft in our tasting room in 35cl pours each Thursday (Durobor glasses—we don't have enough mugs... yet!); we will tap a fresh keg for those of you who join us, but only one keg will be made available, and only on Thursdays for the next three weeks.

For this iteration, we brewed Mary with a single decoction mash process, our sourced German Hersbrucker and Spalter hops, and then lagered in a single French oak puncheon in our cooler. After three months of conditioning, the beer was moved to a tank and krausened (as is all of our lager) with fresh fermenting beer to provide natural carbonation. After another two months of further conditioning and slow carbonation, we present you with a beautifully softened, refined, and elevated representation of Mary.

To read the whole story, check out Shaun's post from the launch of the Poetica project HERE.




Releases For The Week Of July 11!

New for this week!

  • The return of Dorothy
  • NEW Song of Joy cans 
  • A fresh batch of Society & Solitude #8 cans 

We still have some cans of Mary available as well, plus a host of draft beer, bottles and more! Check the retail page for complete details.




Double Citra Cans!

Double Citra cans off the line and into the bottle shop cooler for your buying and drinking pleasure—right now!

Details on our retail shop page.




July 4th and Fresh Cans of Mary!

It’s hot out there—perfect timing for some super fresh cans of Mary!

Reminder that we’re open regular retail hours all week, including July 4th!



Greensboro Historical Society Open House, July 1, 2018

Life in Greensboro ca. 1800, courtesy of GHS.For those of you in the area this weekend, the nearby The Greensboro Historical Society will host an Open House this Sunday, July 1, from 3 to 5 p.m. We encourage anyone interested in the story of the Hill family's seven-generation connection to Greensboro, check it out!

For more information, visit

Included in the exhibits is an ongoing presentation called "Hill Family Legacy: One Family’s Early Greensboro."

From the GHS: Many of the artifacts from the Hill Collection not only to tell the story of the Hill Family, but also the story of Greensboro in the mid to late 1800s. In recognition of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the exhibit will include items that Aaron’s son Ephraim brought back from the war as well as other Civil War items in the GHS collection.

We aren't open on Sundays, but check out this wonderful local resource, and then swing through Willey's Store, where you can find some of our bottle offerings alongside most anything else you might want! As they say, "if you can't find it at Willey's Store, you probably don't need it."

Bottle Release for June 27, 2018

This coming Weds., June 27, we're pleased to announce 750ml bottles of Juicy!

Juicy is inspired by our love for New Zealand—the adventures had therein, and the journeys grown from without.

Shaun and Phil traveled there in 2017, and Shaun subsequently returned in 2018 for the hop harvest, trips that reinforced the admiration for the people and places of New Zealand. After a year conditioning in wine barrels with our resident microflora, this dry-hopped Farmstead® ale is now ready to be enjoyed.

Please visit our bottle release page,, for bottle limits and pricing information (credit card and matching ID required for this bottle).




Onsite Bottle Release For June 20, 2018!

To celebrate the lovely Vermont summer weather, we'll release another Flora variant for onsite only enjoyment this coming Weds., June 20:

Flora Cherry!

Flora is the wine barrel-aged version of Florence (1915-1967), our grandfather's sister as well as the name of our Farmstead® wheat ale. We selected a single barrel of Flora and aged it on fresh, Vermont-grown Montmorency cherries. The result is a complex, elegant expression of the annual harvest.

Please note: this beer will only be available for enjoyment onsite in our tasting room, not for take away.

We'll also be stocking up the onsite coolers with other vintage selections, as well as some other treats as well!




Weds., June 13 - Taylor Road Closed!



UPDATE: Taylor Road is open as normal!


Special Notice for Weds., June 13, Only:

Taylor Road from Route 16 to Jaffin Flats will be closed due to road work!

Please use the following route:

Northwest on The Bend Rd - 2.6 mi
Turn right onto Cemetery Ridge - 0.8 mi
Continue onto Garvin Hill Rd - 2.0 mi
Turn left onto Jaffin Flats - 0.4 mi
Continue onto Hill Rd - 0.3 mi

Thanks for your understanding!