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Bottle Release For The Week Of Jan. 17, 2017!

We'll release the newest iteration of Civil Disobedience on Wednesday, January 17!

Civil Disobedience #22 is comprised of various vintages of Florence and Arthur, aged in wine barrels for up to 18 months and then bottle conditioned for an extended period, totaling more than one year, to allow for its full maturation and development.

Civil Disobedience is our blended barrel aged series of Farmstead® ales, each one a unique union of carefully selected beers chosen by our brewers to weave often disparate threads into a picture far greater than its individual elements.  

Please visit our bottle release page Sunday,, for bottle limits and pricing information (credit card and matching ID required for this bottle).



Fresh Society & Solitude #8 in Cans, Jan. 10, 2018!

Fresh off the canning line: Society and Solitude #8!

Brewed with Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic hops—if you've had a chance to enjoy the recent Citra IPA and Mosaic IPA, this double IPA features those new batches of hops! Available in the retail shop this week during regular hours (see site Tuesday for details).

Also, this is Kyle. He's a little shy but incredibly "cansome" (his word, not ours, but we like it, and he's not wrong). He came to us from Indiana by way of Denmark, for which we're grateful. Appreciate Kyle's hard work like we do: come on out and enjoy this can he lovingly helped package (or one very much like it in a 6-pack)!


Bottle Release For The Week Of Jan. 10, 2017!

On Wednesday, Jan. 10, we will release a new batch of Beyond Good and Evil!

Beyond Good and Evil is the name of our bourbon barrel-aged maple imperial stout. Brewed in May of 2015, we crafted this beer with malted wheat and Vermont maple syrup, then aged it in hand-selected bourbon barrels for over 24 months.

Beyond Good and Evil is one of Nietzsche’s most powerful works, challenging convention, wisdom and morality; urging us to transcend good and evil; and confronting the very nature of knowledge. This challenge informs and inspires our work—both in the brewery and beyond.

Please visit our bottle release page Sunday,, for bottle limits and pricing information (credit card and matching ID required for this bottle).



Update for January 5 & 6, 2018

Indeed, we are open today and tomorrow, 12 - 5, as normal. The local roads are snow-covered but plowed and in reasonably good shape, but take your time. Be safe out there, and we look forward to seeing you!




New Mosaic IPA Can for 1/3/18!

Fresh cans of our new Mosaic Single Hop IPA are available today, Wednesday, in our retail shop! 

The second release in our ongoing series of single hop IPAs using hops sourced and selected throughout the 2017 harvest by Shaun. In much the same vein as Citra, we had been largely dissatisfied with the quality and character of Mosaic available to us. So, last year, Shaun traveled to the Pacific Northwest to evaluate and select the Mosaic he felt best exemplified the characteristics we love so much about this hop.

Visit for complete details.

We hope you enjoy this new offering—we certainly do!




New release of Art in our Tasting Room (bottled March, 2015)



Hello Everyone,

In honor of a new year, we offer to you one of our favorite and most elusive beers: Art.  This particular release began its life nearly 5 years ago as a brew day and primary fermentation of Arthur in 2013.  After being placed in wine barrels, the evolution of Arthur into Art is an indeterminate and metamorphic occurrence.  Only a single digit percentage of all wine barrel aged Arthur becomes what is unmistakably identifiable as Art - the remainder is often blended into Civil Disobedience.  The beer, the barrel, and some yet unknown, unquantifiable condition seems to dictate its path and appearance.  It is identified and selected only through the emotional response which it induces during barrel tasting.  This particular beer began its bottle conditioning on March 18, 2015.  

This will only be offered for on-site consumption.  Due to the very small volume, we chose 375ml bottles for this release in order to further spread its availability.  To the brave, warm hearted patrons that should choose to visit us in the month of January, we offer you this as what we hope will be an auspicious beginning to 2018.  Thank You and Happiest of New Years,  


New Citra IPA Can, The Return of Society & Solitude #2

Citra IPA Cans are SOLD OUT!

Hello Everyone!

Fresh cans of our new Citra Single Hop IPA will be available Wednesday, 12/27, in the retail shop! This is the first release in an ongoing series of single hop IPAs using hops that I sourced and selected throughout the 2017 harvest. As the brewing industry has grown rapidly, we have noticed variability across lot selections and harvest characteristics from our hop suppliers. In an effort to make our beer more consistent and precise, I knew that I would need to build relationships with our hop growers and, ultimately, I wanted to know which farmers and which fields possessed the micro-climate necessary for us to achieve the archetype of each hop variety with which we work.

Citra has changed drastically since I first brewed with it in 2010—and I have been chasing the ideal of those early batches of Citra Pale Ale. As the popularity of this hop has grown, farmers have increased their acreage to meet demand and the ‘original nature’ had, to me, been lost in growth. Following many conversations, much analysis, and hours rubbing flowers between my hands, I believe that I may have found a candidate for our ideal Citra in Washington’s Yakima Valley.

This week will also see the return of Society & Solitude #2, our RateBeer #1 rated Imperial Black IPA. In the spirit of James, this robust, dark ale is hopped with Simcoe and Columbus—highlighted by subtle roasty notes and soft, pleasurable carbonation.

I hope that you all will enjoy.

Shaun Hill


Merry Christmas!

From our family to you and yours, we wish everyone a happy, safe and merry Christmas!