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Anniversary Festival Update

Friendships & Explorations Festival Refunds

As a much smaller team, with adjusted expectations and resources, we are committed to approaching decisions with greater empathy and in alignment with a now clearer sense of our vision for the future. As such, we officially announce the cancellation of the Friendships & Explorations Festival, and we will be offering refunds for all tickets. As it turns out, we were too clever by half in selling old-school physical tickets, thinking it would make things easier for attendees. However, it presents unique challenges to issuing refunds, especially this far away (now over a year) from the original event.

The deadline for submissions, either onsite or online, is 5 p.m. EDT, Friday, 8 October 2021.

We will verify all tickets with Universe for authenticity—either physically or digitally via photo submission—prior to payout. We appreciate your patience as we do our best to make the process as accessible, reasonable, and equitable for ticket holders.


If you have questions, please email [email protected].

Our original vision for the festival was to gather as many of our friends as possible for a single celebratory weekend—and, of course, to mark a decade of the brewery. However, the milestone window has passed us by.  With continuing uncertainty with travel restrictions abroad, many of our international inspirations may not be able to visit us this year. Following the last year, the idea of gathering all our friends at one time in a single place, only to have a few minutes with each of them, seems in opposition to both the goals of connection and friendship as well as to our aforementioned reflective visioning.

In-Person Refunds

Do you know someone that holds tickets to this Festival? If so, please notify them that we are issuing refunds!
If you are able to visit us physically between now and 8 October, we will offer...

A full refund (including taxes) in the form of an electronic gift card for use immediately or later on, plus a $20 gift benefit for each verified ticket returned, as a token of our appreciation.


You may elect to waive your refund and make a charitable donation in that same amount ($110, plus the $20 gift card) to Circus Smirkus and its scholarship program. See details below.

Cash/credit refunds will not be offered onsite, only through the online submission form.

Remote Refund Submissions

If you are unable to visit us in person, we will offer...

A full refund (including taxes) via PayPal. Please complete the form below to submit all the necessary information. Electronic refunds will be processed within 7-10 days.


You may elect to waive your refund and make a charitable donation in that same amount to Circus Smirkus and its scholarship program. See details below.

All fields are required, as well as an upload of a photo of your ticket(s). Please ensure that the images are legible enough for verification; if we are unable to scan/read the tickets, it will delay processing. If you have more than one ticket, please upload one (1) picture of each ticket individually.

Donate Your Refund

Circus Smirkus is a nonprofit arts and education organization based in Greensboro, Vermont. Our mission is to promote the skills, culture and traditions of the traveling circus, and to inspire youth to engage in life-changing adventures in the circus arts.

Since 1987, Circus Smirkus has been bringing the transforming power of the circus arts to people of all ages through three principal programs:

  1. Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour is the only traveling youth circus in the United States. Performing under traditional European-style circus tents, the award-winning circus company consists of some 80 people including teen performers, professional circus coaches, tent and technical crew and a live circus band performing an original score each year.
  2. The tour caravan requires 23 support vehicles and launches its Big Top in nearly 20 New England towns each summer, performing to approximately 42,000 patrons each year.
  3. Circus Smirkus Camp is for both people of all ages and skill levels (including adults) who want to learn the circus arts in a summer camp setting, under real circus tents set on our lush Greensboro campus.
    Circus Smirkus School Residencies offer K-12 students the opportunity to learn the circus arts in school or after-school programs throughout the school year.


Are you also offering cash refunds onsite?

We are only issuing gift cards for onsite returns, which will include a bonus $20 gratuity. This encourages physical return, streamlines our retail shop process for the team, and also incentivizes many of you who already support and patronize our business.  

What is Circus Smirkus?

Circus Smirkus is a local, non-profit youth arts and education organization that has been especially hard hit by the pandemic. Since 1987, it has brought the transforming power of the circus arts to people of all ages through its wide-ranging programs. Please visit for more information about this wonderful organization.

What if I’ve lost my tickets?

Unfortunately, with the physical nature of the tickets, there is no way for us to verify the purchases or buyers, so we cannot offer refunds or gift certificates for missing/lost tickets.  

Why are you using PayPal for offsite refunds?

PayPal allows us a quick, easy, fee-free method for directly transferring the refund money to those of you unable to visit us in person. If you are unfamiliar with PayPal, and/or need to set up an account, please visit or install the application on your phone.