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Next Bottled Beers:

UPDATED 5/24/18

(Chronologically by intended Date of Release)

On Retail Shelf:

  • Anna: Farmstead® ale with raw Vermont wildflower honey. 750ml. $10
  • Arthur: Farmstead® ale brewed with American and European hops. 750ml. $10
  • Convivial Suaréz: Farmstead® ale brewed with hibiscus, lemon and wheat. 750ml. $10
  • Florence: Belgian inspired Farmstead® wheat ale. 750ml. $10 
  • Brother Soigné: Farmstead® Ale brewed blood orange, lime and hibiscus. 750ml. $10 
  • Civil Disobedience #24: Blended barrel-aged Farmstead® ale carefuly curated of various threads from our barrel cellar. 750ml. $30. Limit 4 per person. (Please see our Bottle Release Policy for further release information)
  • Sue: Dry-Hopped Farmstead® Ale Aged in Wine Barrels. 750ml. $30. Limit 2 per person. (Please see our Bottle Release Policy for further release information)

New onsite-only offering:

  • Damon Coffee Collective: El Desarollo - Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels with coffee.


  • Infinite Surprises. Unannounced wonderment.
  • Leaves of Grass
  • Wine barrel-aged Farmstead® ales
  • Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stouts 

A note about Leaves of Grass: 5HL batches on our baby brewhouse. 100% oak fermented and aged. Recurring experimentation. 

Because the nature of and small volumes for particular beers, we envision the best scenario in which to present and enjoy them to be at the brewery—where they are conceived, crafted and conditioned. With that in mind, and in order to be most fair to our customers, from time to time during normal retail hours, we will release select vintage bottles and extremely small releases like Ann for onsite consumption only.  As with most things at our brewery, these random releases are at the whim of our brewers...

All information subject to change...