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Our Mission

Change the beer industry by creating ripples of influence and introspection.


Utilize our beer as a vehicle for sharing our values and ideals, and promoting the tenets of Conscious Consumption, Conscious Belonging, Conscience+Commerce, and
Education & Dialogue.

Our actions and behaviors are guided by two questions:


Will this benefit ALL
consciousness on Earth?


Will this leave little
to no trace?

 "Work with what we have. Appreciate what we are given. Excel at everything we do."

Our Vision

As we reflect back on our past decade-plus of operations, we envision a future where our decisions are strongly guided by social and planetary impact, and where our beer helps to cultivate connections, compassion, and purpose.

"We exist in an evolutionary environment, guided by our core values and an intrinsic sense of place."

Core Values

As we elevate and expand our own consciousness, we will achieve a form of integration that supports our (inner) personal integrity as well as the (outer) common good.

In order to achieve these goals, we must each embody these core values at a personal level, as part of the Hill Farmstead team, with our customers and community, and in our impact on the world. 

The Seven Pillars


We strive to attain a level of consciousness whereby we have a deep understanding of our inner self as well as the impact of our external actions. A highly integrated level of comprehension with respect to the other Core Values is the aspirational goal of our self-cultivation and our individual and team-growth exercises.

Belonging & Trust

We must trust in our own decision making, trust in the input of others, and trust enough in ourselves and our team to contribute to the group. We strive to encourage a sense of belonging and inclusivity such that members of the team are comfortable voicing differing opinions or concerns, giving and receiving feedback, and asking for help without judgment.

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In order to achieve the mission and vision, we must be able to communicate our needs—and to work together—effectively. Team members must be willing to listen to each other, learn from each other, and find ways to help each other. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


We must approach each situation, action, and decision with a sense of thoughtfulness and purpose. By being intentional with our thoughts, words, and actions we are better able to anticipate the ripples these will have, and will ultimately be more effective in achieving the ideal outcome.


In an effort to continually learn, grow, and improve, we must ask questions of each other, and ourselves. It is only when we ask the questions Why? Why not? What if…? are we able to refine our thinking, our methods, and our processes. When we consistently engage in inquiry, we remove doubt and avoid assumptions allowing for greater clarity as we move forward together.


We each have a responsibility to care for ourselves, our Team, our Brand and our environment. As caretakers of these finite resources, we must work together to advocate for change and help encourage others to join us.



By being open and honest, both with ourselves and those we engage with, we are able to achieve a higher level of accountability. When we increase visibility, we are able to build a sense of trust within our community and allow our genuine selves the opportunity for continued growth.