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Bottle Release For October 24, 2018


Thank you to everyone who came out for Wednesday's release. The turnout was amazing. In the interest of ensuring that these bottles are available for as many people as possible, we are going to adjust the limit to 2 bottles per person. Thanks for everyone's patience and good natures today, and we hope to see more of you tomorrow and beyond.

On Weds., Oct. 24, we will release a new batch of Damon.

The time spent with loved ones, now lost, seems to affect our mind and body perpetually; memories happen upon us, unsuspectingly, and bring about tears of fond remembrance. Damon (1993-2004) was our brother—devout and patient in an age of busyness and distraction. In his honor, we crafted and conditioned this imperial stout in bourbon barrels from our favorite distilleries. We still reflect, daily, upon our Damon and his scruffy chin of grey—of his loyalty and his love.

Please visit our bottle release page,, for bottle limits and pricing information (credit card and matching ID required for this bottle).

We will also have fresh cans of Society & Solitude #4, along with a wide selection of cans and bottle offerings to go, as well as for onsite enjoyment. Please visit our retail page for updated information.

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