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Anna: Pear

Farmstead® Ale Brewed with Honey, Aged In Wine Barrels, and Conditioned on Pears

With the arrival of each harvest season, we are presented with the opportunity to curate the pairing of incoming fruits with select barrels of beer, guided by the goal of elevating both by assemblage. This batch of Anna’s namesake beer was aged just over six months in wine barrels and then conditioned further on a blend of Siberian pears and a few local varieties of desert pears—Stacy, Luscious, Summercrisp, and Nova—all organically grown by Elmore Roots Nursery in nearby Elmore, Vt. It is a delicate, expressive representation of Vermont’s summer and annual autumn harvest.

Ancestral Series
04/14/21 Release Date
6.5% ABV
Wine Barrels Aging Method


2020 Harvest - Packaged 20200121