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Citrus Coolship

Spontaneously-Fermented Farmstead® Ale with Citrus Aged in Oak Barrels

Debuted during our guest invitation to the 2018 Quintessence at Brasserie Cantillon in Brussels and then shared in our taproom during the late summer and autumn of 2021, Citrus Coolship has taken an incredibly unique journey to public release. 

In January of 2014, supplied with many ICUs (International Citrus Units) of fresh juice and zest, we sought out the open air of our natural surroundings. A simple wort of pilsner malt, wheat, oats, and spelt was allowed to cool overnight in the quiet winter air—with a clear view of Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. The beer then spent nearly three years resting in oak barrels—only the beginning of its development. Following over a year in the bottle, we shared the beer in Belgium in 2018. Shortly after the event, though, we observed that the beer was developing far too much carbonation; we paused the release.

From that point, we monitored the beer’s evolution, on several occasions even considering the beer’s destruction. Then, in the spring of 2021, something unexpected occurred within the bottles: an equalization. To our delight, the beer had turned yet another corner. We can now present a complex, bright, citrusy reflection of our ever-growing vision for what beer can be.