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Plum: 2021 Harvest

Farmstead® Ale Brewed with Organic Plums and Aged in Oak Barrels

Each harvest season, we choose various barrels of our Farmstead® ales that exhibit sympathetic characteristics for pairing with local fruit varieties, in this case, organic plums from the 2021 harvest season at Elmore Roots Nursery in nearby Elmore, Vt. Once again, the care and intentionality with which David and his team work with the land translates fully into the fruit’s seasonal expression each year, especially with these varieties of plums. Regardless of the base beer’s composition or blend, the ideal outcome remains the same: a thoughtful representation of the fruit in season and one of our favorite offerings within this collection.

Harvest Series
11/16/22 Release Date
6% ABV
Plums Adjuncts
Wine Barrel Aging Method