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Elaborative Seven

Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon and Cognac Barrels and Vanilla

The Elaborative: Since its inception in 2011, this brewing collaboration has always included like-minded friends Brad Clark and/or Chad Yakobson. These fermentative experiments have grown out of the desire to further our understanding of the interactive complexities of our process while trying to abandon our preconceptions and further our connections with one another.

Brewed in June of 2020—in collaboration with Brad Clark and his barrel-aged/membership-only Private Press Brewing—together we crafted this 33º imperial stout, then aged portions simultaneously in wet Bourbon barrels and Cognac barrels. After 26 months of conditioning in barrels, we conditioned the beer atop Brad’s signature blend of vanilla beans multiple terroirs. The subsequent curation of barrels and vanilla yields a unique, luxurious, and complex expression.

Elaborative Series
05/24/23 Release Date
Vanilla Beans Adjuncts