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Flora Cuvée

Farmstead® Wheat Ale Aged in Oak Barrels

On occasion, some portion of Flora exceeds even our highest expectations; Flora Cuvée represents that singular moment.

Flora is the wine barrel aged version of Florence (1915-1967), Edward’s sister as well as the name of our Farmstead® wheat ale. In honor of Florence, this ‘grand cru’ special release of Flora was selected and then packaged from a single wine barrel of Florence—a barrel that conditioned optimally for nearly two years. Brewed in the Autumn of 2015, this beer has been further conditioning in the bottle since the beginning of April 2017. Extended bottle conditioning is a hallmark of our production—such signature process refinements are integral in assisting each beer to achieve to its highest potential. This has become the standard that consistently redefines our focus and guides the progressive vision for Hill Farmstead.