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Madness & Civilization Blend 13

Blended Barrel-Aged Ale Imperial Stout

Madness & Civilization is a panorama of our barrel aging program—oak-aged beers that emerge from their individual silences to find structure and voice as a unified composition. This is the result of an unpredictable state of permanent happenstance—a dialogue with our evolving approach to blending that challenges convention and circumstance. Each release will include multiple threads and is likely to approximate the style of an imperial stout.

For the thirteenth in our ongoing series of experimental stouts, we selected two barrels of an imperial stout brewed in honor of batch #1,000—a 33º American-style sweet imperial stout that spent more than 28 months in bourbon barrels. The beer was then paired with two different variants of coffee beans grown at Finca Los Rodriguez in Bolivia, sourced and roasted by our longtime friends at The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, Denmark. (375ml)

08/11/21 Release Date
10% ABV
Coffee Adjuncts
Bourbon Barrel Aging Method