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Nonconformist 07

Farmstead® IPA brewed with Motueka™ and Nelson Sauvin® hops, Organic Tulsi, and Organic Lemon Balm, and aged in Wine Barrels

This exploratory series provides us with whimsical opportunities to share an assortment of blended beers, exploratory aging techniques, and distinctive ingredient pairings.

Nonconformist 07 is a particularly delightful representation of timing, chance, and creativity. We filled wine barrels with Of First & Last Things—our IPA with Motueka™, Nelson Sauvin, and Simcoe® Hops—and allowed it to rest for nine months while developing nuanced acidity from the metabolic contribution of our resident microflora, after which we aged it further with organic Tulsi powder and organic Lemon Balm, both from Foster Farm Botanicals in East Calais, Vt. After a year of careful monitoring of its in-bottle evolution, we’re pleased to share this singular, enchantingly complex creation.

Each release features the imaginative artwork by our lifelong friend and collaborator, Alex Peltz of Peltz Creative.

Nonconformist Series
05/17/23 Release Date
6% ABV
Lemon Balm, Tulsi Adjuncts
Wine Barrels Aging Method