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Once Upon a Time in Denmark… Breakfast Stout

Imperial Stout Brewed with Coffee and Lactose, and Aged in Bourbon Barrels

On Denmark’s tiny island of Fanø, in the days before Hill Farmstead, Shaun Hill and Ryan Witter-Merithew worked closely to develop new, novel beer concepts. The partnership bore forth several notable beers and planted the creative seeds of future others. With nearly two decades of experience and friendship, the opportunity to revisit and reclaim these touchstone creations has arrived:

Once Upon a Time in Denmark…

Springing forth from the conception of Twilight of the Idols—in its original incarnation as Fanø Julebryg more than a decade ago—each of the beers in this collection is a creative expression of whimsy and friendship, guided by experience and committed to pushing boundaries while upholding the highest standards.

This imperial stout was brewed with lactose and then aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels for more than 21 months, following which the blend was conditioned atop curated espresso blends selected and roasted by our lifelong friends at the Coffee Collective in Copenhagen.

07/26/23 Release Date
12% ABV
Ale Yeast Yeast
Coffee, Lactose Adjuncts
Bourbon Barrel Aging Method