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Flanders-Style Red Ale

Prolegomena is our interpretation of the Flanders Red Ale – the Burgundy of Flanders, Belgium.

Philosophical Series
8.5% ABV
Wine Barrel Aging Method


In April 2011, we brewed our version of this classic style with the help of our friend Will Meyers. The beer has aged gracefully in oak barrels for more than two years, all the while slowly developing acidity and various layers of complexity from the introduction of wild yeast and bacteria.
The base of this, only the second edition, was brewed on December 24th, 2013, and May 8, 2014. This beer conditioned, slowly, in wood for between 32 months and three years, slowly developing acidity and harmonized layers of complexity from the introduction of wild yeast.

With an extended bottle-conditioning of more than five years prior to release, this beer has seen a journey of more than 8 years from brew day to release. Significantly, this represents and highlights our unwavering commitment to shepherding each beer along its appropriate journey towards achievement—regardless of the time frame necessitated by the whim and whimsy of the natural process.