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Farmstead® Amber Ale Aged in Wine Barrels

Since June of 2012, Sankt Hans has been a recurring member of our Farmstead® ale family. The wine barrel-aged version of this amber Farmstead® ale has been a contributing factor to some of our favorite blends in the Civil Disobedience series. For the first time, we have selected the most singular of these barrels in order for the beer to be tasted outside of the brewery.

Brewed and placed into barrels in the winter of 2017, we selected wine barrels that had previously been home to Flora, Civil Disobedience #14, and Art, amongst others. After two years in wood, a refined and more expressive version of Sankt Hans emerged. Benefiting from nearly two years of bottle conditioning, we hope that you might enjoy, for the first time, what one of our favorite blending beers tastes like in its singular state.

Singular Series
06/23/21 Release Date
6% ABV
Wine Barrels Aging Method