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Farmstead® Ale Brewed with Lime & Blood Orange and Conditioned Atop Fruit Pomace

Ages ago, our dear friend Bim Lafontaine traveled from Japan to brew with us the inaugural batch of Brother Soigné, a collaboration that we continue to produce in the spirit of that visit.

We condition a small portion of Brother Soigné atop fruit pomace. The result honors both the legacy of that first brew day and the satisfaction of exploration.


Batch 1
Aged atop raspberry, cherry and northern kiwifruit pomace for nearly 3 months.

Released 13 March 2019
Packaged 20180406
Batch 2
Aged atop cherry pomace for nearly 3 months.

Released 19 June 2019
Packaged 20181213
Batch 3
Aged atop cherry and raspberry pomace.

Released 21 April 2021
Packaged 20191107