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Some of the Dharma

Farmstead® India Pale Ale Brewed with Simcoe® Hops and Aged in Wine Barrels

In the spirit of Kerouac, we pursue the language of practice, both in voice and deed, which urges us towards examination, growth, and (with hope) insight. We present this novel exercise to you: a duality of our hop-informed beers and Farmstead® ales, aged in wine barrels, and dry-hopped with Simcoe®.

But let a perpetual smile / of peace and satisfaction /
On your lips / Be a symbol of the decision / To think
happiness (equanimity) / Since everything that happens /
Happens in your head. – Jack Kerouac

Singular Series
06/24/20 Release Date
Simcoe® Hops
Wine Barrel Aging Method