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The Civic Standard

American Pale Ale Brewed with Amarillo® and Citra® Hops

The Civic Standard provides the citizens of Hardwick, Vt., and its surrounding communities, with an excuse to get together. It is an honest and humble effort to tear down barriers between neighbors and to build a more resilient community through a shared culture.

Many of Vermont’s traditional cultural organizing bodies have closed or faded from prominence. Without those, we have lost traditions that have made us feel accountable to each other and the greater good. The Civic Standard is rejuvenating those traditions and working with our community to create more. Growing a shared and civically- minded culture is essential to the survival of our small, rural communities.

In the spirit of The Civic Standard, its mission, and our commitment to our community and neighbors, we present its namesake beer, a sensible, enlivening pale ale hopped with Amarillo® and Citra® hops. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this beer by Hill Farmstead Brewery will be donated to The Civic Standard to bolster its efforts in ongoing flood recovery and strengthening community interconnectedness.

Philosophical Series
5% ABV
Fresh Time
Stainless Aging Method