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Hops Not Hate Profile: Child Haven International

The global recipient of our Hops Not Hate contributions is Child Haven International, a registered not-for-profit charity that assists children and women in developing countries with access to food, education, healthcare, shelter, and clothing, as well as emotional and moral support.

Bonnie and Fred Cappuccino, parents of local community member Robin Cappuccino, began Child Haven International in 1985. Guided by the ideals and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, CHI has built orphanages and schools in India, Tibet, Bangladesh, and Nepal over the last 35 years. By creating safe, encouraging, healthy environments within which education and stability can flourish and thrive, Child Haven has helped generations of people worldwide.

Five homes in India, one in Nepal, one in Tibet, and one in Bangladesh accept children who are disabled, parentless, or socially disadvantaged. Girls and boys are treated equally and without regard to race, caste, color, religion, or culture. They are raised according to their own cultures’ highest ideals, respecting each child’s heritage, whether Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist, secular, or other.

CHI provides full care through high school and then provides vocational training so that each individual enters the local society as a self-sufficient community member. Child Haven is also committed to improving women’s conditions through direct employment, education, medical aid, legal aid, and training opportunities.

As well, Child Haven pursues environmentally friendly projects, family planning, literacy, and soya milk production as a cottage industry for groups of women.

A donation of this scope will substantially benefit the children and women sustained by Child Haven. We look forward to providing support for such a worthy and uplifting organization. We are encouraged and inspired by its work—and embrace the opportunity to support its efforts through the sale of this beer.

If you cannot visit us while the sale is ongoing, we encourage you to donate directly—in any amount that you can—at

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