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Closing to the Public Effective 25 March 2020

Hello friends and future visitors to Hill Road,

It is with heavy hearts that we will close our doors today for an indeterminate period of time. Vermont Governor Phil Scott issued an executive order Tuesday evening requesting that all non-essential businesses suspend in-person business effective today, Wednesday 25 March 2020, by 5 p.m. While there may be grey areas to claim exemption and stay open, we acknowledge that we are truly not an essential business in these difficult times.

Our remote location and rural business has become a destination to which many travel from afar. Amidst shelter in place orders, we believe that remaining open for off-premise or curbside sales would encourage movement from outside our community, most of which are also currently under similar statewide directives. This would be counterproductive to the informed request of our Governor, to our town, our local residents, and our staff.

We will continue to investigate legal, sound, and sustainable avenues through which to provide beer to our loyal supporters. At this time, we are focused on respecting the admonition of our State’s leadership and ensuring the safety and well-being of our team and our community.

A few of us will continue to work behind the scenes to navigate the uncertain and constantly shifting landscape ahead while preparing for our relaunch. From time to time, you might explore our website or social media channels for new content.

For a spell, Hill Road will become considerably silent—a solemn silence not experienced since operations commenced 10 years ago. As the dirt roads that lead to our brewery continue to soften and relax in anticipation of Spring’s debut, we remain entranced by the decade behind us and optimistically await the rhythmic unfolding of Summer and beyond.

We wish you all health and perseverance in the days, weeks, and months ahead. Sooner than later, we hope, might these roads once again lead many spirited travelers to our home.

Until that day arrives, be well.
Shaun Hill
Bob Montgomery

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