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Barleywine-style Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels

Aaron is our barleywine-style ale aged in bourbon barrels. Aaron A. Hill (1785 – 1869) was our great-great-great grandfather who operated the original tavern in North Greensboro. The Hill Farmstead Brewery logo is based upon that tavern’s original sign. In his honor, we crafted this barleywine, which has rested, unhurriedly and undisturbed, for over 2 years in bourbon barrels from some of our favorite distilleries, absorbing the essence of its surroundings and history.

Ancestral Series
9% ABV
Bourbon Barrel Aging Method


Release #1: 2014 - 500ml
Release #2: 2015 - 500ml
Release #3: 2016 - 500ml
Release #4: 2017 - 500ml
Release #5: 2018 - 500ml
Reservoir Distillery Barrels - 2019
Base beer brewed in 2015, after extended conditioning in stainless steel (for 4 years!), this beer was transferred to 5-gallon whiskey barrels from Reservoir Distillery for additional aging. The small format of these experimental barrels allows for surface contact allowing for more surface contacting for a more intense flavor.
20211117 - 500ml