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Double Barrel Aaron: Bourbon/Port

Barleywine-style Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrel and Port Barrel

Brewed in April 2015, Aaron’s namesake beer rested for over two years in a Bourbon barrel from our favorite distillery. Then, transferring directly from that initial barrel, it found extended stay in a freshly emptied Ruby Port barrel for three additional years. Patience and seasonal rhythm allowed for the space necessary for an unhurried transformation, one that gifts us with a representation of harmony, refinement, and complexity.

Aaron A. Hill (1785-1869) was Edward’s great-great-grandfather who operated the original tavern in North Greensboro and upon whose original sign the Hill Farmstead Brewery logo is based.

Ancestral Series
03/30/22 Release Date
Bourbon Barrel, Port Barrel Aging Method


20200513 - 375ml