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Birth of Tragedy: Coffee Collective Finca Vista Hermosa Natural and Alaka | Holger Danske

October 16, 2019 - October 19, 2019
Birth of Tragedy: Coffee Collective Finca Vista Hermosa Natural and Alaka

One hundred and seventy-five (175!) years ago, on October 15, 1844, Friedrich Nietzsche was born in Röcken, Germany. Much more than merely the progenitor of many of our inspirational beer titles, Nietzsche’s prolific writing and contribution to the canon of Western thought is arguably unparalleled. One could spend a lifetime dissecting the measures of his influence and insight into our existence. Nietzsche’s relevancy almost two centuries later should serve as a reminder that human beings, the frequently unyielding ego, the architecture of power structures and the inevitable assembly of ‘truth’ (among myriad other perennial insights), are virtually timeless in the inescapable presence of their illusion.

Please, consider substituting a few minutes of passive Instagram swiping and seek out and engage with a passage from Nietzsche this weekend!

“… all life rests on appearance, art, illusion, optics, the need for perspective and for error…”

To honor this occasion, we will offer a new variation of our imperial and barrel-aged porter, Birth of Tragedy, ‪beginning on Wednesday, 16 October‬.

This version of Birth of Tragedy features coffee sourced and roasted by The Coffee Collective in Copenhagen, Denmark.

After aging for more than 28 months in bourbon barrels, we conditioned this rich imperial porter atop organic vanilla beans, as well as a blend of coffee beans including Finca Vista Hermosa Natural from Huehuetenango, Guatemala, and Alaka from the Guji region of Ethiopia. After months of bottle conditioning, and in honor of a certain someone’s 175th birthday, the beer is ready for release.

Please visit our retail page for limits and to-go pricing information (credit card and matching ID required for this bottle).

The Return of Holger Danske

Holger Danske is a legendary Danish hero, one of Charlemagne’s knights in the Chanson de Roland, and inspiration for Denmark’s World War II resistance group as well as our smoked brown ale.

Brewed first in September of 2010 with our great friend, mentor, and former colleague Anders Kissmeyer, we once again bring forth Holger Danske to usher in the heart of autumn in the Northeast Kingdom.

That original batch featured malts hand-smoked by Anders himself in tiny batches over the course a few days. Each September, Bob sets up shop, and we honor that tradition by hand-smoking the malts on site with apple, cherry, and maple wood from the surrounding orchards and forests.

This year’s batch of Holger Danske will be available in our taproom for onsite enjoyment and growler fills (750ml and 2L).

We will also have freshly packaged cans of Mosaic® Single Hop IPA and Double Galaxy—as well as a selection of other bottles.

Our onsite food truck this coming week will be Caja Madera.

As always, visit our retail page for updated information.

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