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Introducing Memoria

February 12, 2019

Hey everyone!  

This coming Wednesday, 13 February, we present Memoria, our continued exploration of wood-conditioned lagers.  

In October of 2018, we brewed a batch of Marie—our single-decocted, unfiltered, German-style Helles—and lagered a portion of it at 3º Celsius, as we have with Poetica, in our now cherished French oak puncheon. After three months of conditioning, we moved the beer to stainless steel and krausened with fresh-fermenting Mary to provide natural carbonation. 

Following more than a month of slow, gentle carbonation, we now proudly pour for you an elevated expression of Marie, one that demonstrates our progressive pursuit for refinement while honoring and ennobling the most inspiring elements of classical brewing tradition.  

Soft. Sincere. Simple.