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On the Shelf – Weds., Dec. 13, 2017!

December 9, 2017

On the shelves in our retail shop this coming Weds., Dec. 13, we welcome back Table Dorothy to an amazing line-up for your holiday enjoyment! Table Dorothy is the low alcohol, 4.5% abv version of Dorothy—our dry-hopped, Farmstead® pale ale. Table Dorothy joins Anna, Arthur, Dorothy, Florence, Convivial Suarez, Brother Soigné, Leaves of Grass July 15, 2016, and fresh new cans of Dharma Bum.

Also in our bottle shop, look for guest bottles of Argan, our barrel-aged, gluten-reduced collaboration with Le Trou du Diable, along with a special Brasserie de Blaugies gift set including La Vermontoise!