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Updated Bottle Release Policy

March 30, 2015

Following up on what we’ve learned from the release of Flora Blue/Black, and reviewing comments and suggestions from many of you (thank you for your constructive input!), we will be amending our release policy for all special releases and barrel-aged beers, effective immediately.

In an effort to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of special release bottles, we will be implementing a bottle per person limit in total—not per day.

For example, if we release a beer with three (3) bottles per person limit, you may purchase up to three bottles on any given day during normal retail hours; once you’ve purchased bottles, you may not come back another day and buy more of that release.

This policy allows more people access to these releases for a longer period of time—ultimately, making it easier for more of you to enjoy these special beers!

Please note that this change does not apply to our ongoing releases of farmstead ales—Anna, Dorothy, Arthur, etc.—with normal bottle limits of 12 or more.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we refine and improve our retail experience!


The Hill Farmstead Brewery Team