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19 May 2021 – Wheat Blanc • Edward • Everett

For curbside retail this coming week of 19 May 2021…

In our continued exploration of Farmstead® ales within various contexts and processes, we present a second iteration of Wheat Blanc: a lively, delicately tart, oak-aged ale with a malt bill comprised of 90% malted wheat and 10% malted barley, and hopped exclusively with hand-selected Hallertauer Blanc hops from Seitz Farm—our agricultural partner in Wolnzach, Germany. 

Brewed in June 2018 and aged in wine barrels for over fourteen months, this has bottle conditioned since the summer of 2019. We closely monitored its progress, anticipating its optimistic arc of development, and now offer this as a representation of the qualities we hold dear.

Everett and Edward

This week will also see the return of our American porter, Everett, in 16 oz. cans, as well as fresh cans of Edward, our American pale ale. First brewed in June of 2010, Everett maintains a special place in our hearts and has been a somewhat infrequent visitor to our portfolio.  Unlike our pale ales, Everett will condition nicely in cans for many months.