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2023 Dandelion Picking Announcement

Spring has finally made itself known, and soon, the annual golden spring blossoms will blanket our surrounding rolling fields for a brief moment in time. Each year—even in 2020—generous and intrepid volunteers make the journey to comb our nearby fields and carefully harvest this fleeting crop, with which we brew Vera Mae, our seasonally tethered Farmstead® ale. Participants are rewarded with camaraderie in the sun, pollen-coated fingers, and shared, refreshing, post-picking beverages.

If you’re interested in joining us to help pick dandelions for the 2023 brewing of Vera Mae, please visit our sign up page ( and fill out the form to join a simple mailing list with which we can contact you with days and details, once the flowers start springing up!

Depending on the whims of weather and temperatures, we hope to have multiple picking sessions near the end of May or early June, so we’d love to see many of you come out. 

Don’t worry, this isn’t a commitment to come, only to receive information and our eternal gratitude!


dandelion picking