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The Suncatcher Sessions

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting Matt Gallagher, longtime friend and co-founder/brewer at Half Acre Beer. While here, Matt, Shaun, and the production team cooperated on three beers, each an optimistic projection of what’s to come next in Matt’s story.

This next chapter in the tale is delightfully titled Suncatcher, and the “Suncatcher Sessions by Matt Gallagher” offer a prologue of this story.

While we build our taproom brewery in Chicago, we traveled east into the Green Mountains of Vermont to retreat and create. The Suncatcher Sessions are our first attempts at forging midwestern ingredients into sturdy and satisfying ales. They comprise a Pale Ale, a Red Ale, and a Brown ale. We’re immensely grateful to Hill Farmstead for opening their doors and stewarding our beers through their brewery. You’ve provided us a tranquil and stimulating environment to dream our beers. – Matt Gallagher

These beers will be available at select locations around Chicago, Philadelphia, northern Vermont, and here at Hill Farmstead Brewery. Visit for more information, to stay updated about the project, and for locations where you can enjoy the beers! 

Pale Ale

Suncatcher Pale Ale grafts refreshing melon and citrus pith flavors from Michigan-grown Centennial, Chinook, and Nugget hops onto a foundation of subtle sweetness from Indiana-grown and malted pale malt. A simple, relaxing pale beer that enables the mind to wander while the conversation flows.

Red Ale

Suncatcher Red Ale highlights a blend of crystalized barley and rye, providing layers of rich, spicy caramel rye punctuated by herbal resin and bright citrus via a balanced dry hop of Chinook, Michigan Copper, and Nugget. Southwest Michigan-grown hops and central Indiana malted barley and rye intertwine into a balanced hybrid experience perfect for the long shoulder seasons. This beer pours a tawney deep orange hue and finishes with a satisfying rye heft.

Brown Ale 3.8% ABV

Suncatcher Brown Ale is effortlessness in a pint. A duo of high-kilned base malts and drum-roasted barley and rye provide waves of undulating, toasty chocolate crackers. Balanced by Vermont-grown Nugget, this dry, medium-bodied ale sends you adrift into the ether.


Matt and Shaun