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A Period of Repose 2021

As we wind down our day here at Hill Farmstead, we mark a pivotal moment in the last ten-plus years of operations. Our team has wrapped up its final retail service until April, home delivery boxes have begun arriving in Pennsylvania and Virginia, and the brewery is well underway towards its upcoming slumber. 

In developing and shaping our evolving shared vision here, this “liminal intermission” affords each member of our staff the time, space, and means to pursue professional and personal development goals in a most unique way during utterly unprecedented circumstances. In the spirit of a sabbatical, the team will continue to be fully employed and benefitted throughout—but free to pursue personally developed goals and self-cultivation. 

Throughout this pause, we plan to share our story, history, and vision as a company, as well as our progress towards a positive, self-realized environment. From time to time, look for posts and stories on our website and across various social media platforms. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to recognize and manifest this spaciousness in our lives as well as for the sponsorship and appreciation of our dedicated patrons over the last decade.   

With fondness and gratitude,

Hill Farmstead 

Sunrise at Hill Farmstead