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A Visit to Peaceful Harvest

As part of our evolving mission here, we are seeking activities to truly revive, diversify and prolong the Hill Farmstead as a more encompassing concern, while encouraging each team member to pursue and bring to fruition projects aligned with their individual interests and those of the company.

One such avenue of exploration has been mycology, in all its forms—from sustenance to medicine. Karen and Brian Wiseman of Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms generously played host to a large part of our team, so that we could learn about one of the many facets of this ancient organism.

Thank you, Karen and Brian, for extending such a warm welcome and openness with your craft. The visit provided wonderful insight and no small amount of inspiration for our efforts here.

We’ll share more of our various ventures into the revitalization of Hill Farmstead in the coming months, including projects that can harness the potential of mushrooms as part of a robust biodynamic ecosystem.

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