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Damon (Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout); Susan Returns

During our 2020 holiday home deliveries in Vermont, some of you were able to enjoy a preview of sorts with an exclusive offering of Damon. This coming week, we will make that beer available for curbside retail.

From the outset of the brewery, Damon has enjoyed a privileged place in our offerings, as both the progenitor of our distillery specific Bourbon barrel-aged beers as well as a uniquely warm reminder of a companion held dear. Each barrel of the beer rests in naturally fluctuating seasonality, occupying carefully selected Bourbon barrels from our favorite distilleries, conveying the spirit’s character as a complementary layer of the final result. Only a few barrels ever seem to exhibit the special and singular qualities we deem characteristic of the beer, identified through emotional reaction, subjective sense memory, careful monitoring and timely selection.

We will also see the return of our American India Pale Ale, Susan, freshly packaged alongside a new batch of Edward. Both of these batches were brewed with organic base malts, much like the most recent Edward.  These packagings of Edward and Susan utilize organic barley from Maine and the United Kingdom.  

Also available will be the prolongedly conditioned (5+ months of lagering) version of our  German-style Helles, Marie, and our German-style Pilsner, Mary, along with a selection of bottles to go, including Civil Disobedience Blend 31 and Soignée Cherry/Raspberry.

Curbside order information is available on our retail page.

Damon 2020