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A Visit with Richard Geoffroy

Last week, our entire team had the distinct pleasure and honor of hosting Richard Geoffroy here at the brewery. Richard served as the chef de cave at Dom Pérignon for over 28 years until 2018 and is one of the world’s most respected winemakers. Shaun and Richard have built a friendship since meeting in the Spring of 2014—and often exchange hosting duties with one another. One of Richard’s most consequential legacies from his time at Dom Pérignon is his fundamental belief in the benefits of extended bottle conditioning, which has deeply influenced Shaun’s approach here at Hill Farmstead.

Richard generously provided us with an extraordinary presentation, sharing his philosophy on crafting each vintage, what he most strives for when selecting elements within a blend, and the essence of precision, courage, and deliciousness.

To help share a small sampling of that extraordinary vision, we enjoyed the 2013 Brut Vintage Champagne, for which Richard was kind enough to provide context about its growing season and a profile of its expression and character that only he could offer based on three decades of care and expertise. The experience—both the wine and the presentation—will invigorate and inspire us for years to come.

In a second act no less ambitious, the legendary winemaker has spent the last five years focused as deeply and as passionately within the world of sake, opening his own sake brewery, Iwa, surrounded by the mountains in Shiraiwa, Toyama Prefecture, Japan.

We are eternally grateful for Richard’s time, grace, and charming openness.

Richard and Shaun