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Brewing with A Good Conscience by Lisa Steckler

When our sabbatical ended, the staff reconvened in April 2021 for a week of sharing, learning, and reengagement. Activities included workshops on our mission and vision, time management, team dynamics, growth mindset, and much more.

We began each day seated in a circle on hand-made cushions from Samadhi Cushions and engaged in an opening group meditation—occasionally guided by a team member who had practiced meditation during the sabbatical—and quickly introduced the resonant and reassuring tone of a rin gong from them to set an appropriate tone for both the moment and the day.

We have continued this practice each day since, convening in the circle for a few moments of silence and introspection to set a tone for the day, reestablish team connectivity, and strengthen our practice. Building a healthy routine of quiet engagement has ensured that we can continue the pursuit of our mission.

We’re grateful to Lisa Steckler of Samadhi Cushions for taking the time to speak with us and for sharing our journey that includes daily meditation.

You can read more HERE.

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