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For the week of 18 August 2021…

We will have three freshly canned offerings: Edward, our American Pale Ale; the debut of 16 oz. cans of Double Galaxy, our single hop Imperial India Pale Ale; and Mary, our German-style lager. This batch of Mary was brewed entirely with certified organic base malts sourced from Germany.

The bottle shop selections will include Madness & Civilization 13, Nonconformist 01 and 02, Cherry/Raspberry 2019 Harvest, and a number of other options to round out your choices.

Our online ordering system will be available again beginning Wednesday morning, as normal. We appreciate everyone’s patience with the technical outage we suffered on Friday. Of course, regardless of the vagaries of technology, you can order in the bottle shop when you arrive without ordering ahead as well! The same-day order window opens on at 5 a.m. each retail open day.

When possible, we continue to open up additional reservations each week for our Taproom experience. Additional spots generally become available on Monday at 5 p.m. for the same week after we evaluate our staffing capacity and weather outlook.

The refund system is now open—both online and onsite—for returning tickets to the cancelled Friendships and Explorations Festival. Please visit for complete details on options and submissions. 

If you’re unable to visut us during normal retail hours, stop by Willey’s Store and Wilson Farm Market in Greensboro, Smith’s Grocery in Greensboro Bend, and Buffalo Mountain Coop in Hardwick. We try to maintain a small selection of bottles, and occasionally cans, in these local spots.