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Today, we introduce Conscience+Commerce, a guiding principle for the future of our brewery. Necessary in our endeavor to revive, diversify, and prolong the memory of the Hill Farmstead is commerce—producing beer and selling it to you. While we have worked to be considerate in all our decisions, more can and should be done. This moment in history has provided a singular opportunity to make essential, progressive steps.

We are examining and excavating our systematic privilege, and, most importantly, organizing further progressive work—both within the company and without. As individuals and a company, we will make mistakes in these efforts, but we must embrace that vulnerability to grow and be more authentically accountable.

The murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor (and countless others) seemed to have been the final straw: an “enough is enough” moment amidst the devastating pandemic. However, enough is not enough; it has always been too much. A lack of accountability, unrestrained and unchecked brutality, and legal impunity have ensured a history of oppression, abuse, and trauma.

From our remote, sheltered location, selling beer to raise money for just causes is the most natural first action, but it is only the first step. We are reviewing vendors from whom we purchase supplies and services to ensure that our buying power supports progressive companies. We must purchase with a conscience, and we encourage you to do the same.

We all should (and must) consider (and reconsider) our purchases from companies and industries that act in unethical, thoughtless ways. “Buy local” has never been more meaningful, as we have the opportunity to ask those from whom we buy about what guides their purchasing decisions.

Monetary choices can subvert the imbalance of power, and thoughtful buying can result in a cascading positive impact.

There is so much to say about power, accountability, and brutality, but actions must work in parallel with advocacy. We will continue to use our platform to support change locally and globally while working on improving ourselves and our community.

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