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Upcoming Bottles and Cans for 17-19 June

Today, we introduce Conscience+Commerce, a guiding principle for the future of our brewery. Necessary in our endeavor to revive, diversify, and prolong the memory of the Hill Farmstead—producing beer and selling it to you. While we have worked to be considerate in all our decisions, more can and should be done. This moment in history has provided a singular opportunity to make essential, progressive steps.

A few important updates for this coming week’s curbside operations:

  • Vermont’s statewide guidance on travelers from bordering states has been amended and relaxed. Complete details are located on our retail page, but the short version is, folks from counties in bordering states with minimal Covid-19 cases are welcome to visit the state and pick up beer!
  • Our previously mentioned Civil Disobedience 2020 release begins this coming week. All funds from the sale (100%) will be divided amongst three organizations: The NAACP Legal Defense Fund; The Innocence Project; and Know Your Rights Camp. Please visit our post from earlier this week for links to these organizations and other resources.
  • Edward will make a return this week in 16 oz. cans., alongside 12 oz. cans of Mosaic IPA. This particular batch of Edward is a 10th anniversary experimentation by Shaun, one that harkens back to the first batch, using the original yeast strain.
  • A special guest bottle set featuring Russian River: Beatification, Supplication, and Robert

Visit our online ordering page to place your orders.