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Limited number of t-shirts available for sale in our online shop!

Direct to Consumer Sale – Friday 22 March

This Friday, 22 March 2024, we will again open our webshop for home delivery purchases. For this offering, we will offer a fixed six-bottle box of our Farmstead® ales to be delivered to your home. Due to licensing, these will be available to residents of the District of Columbia, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Virginia.

This sale will feature a box with the following: Anna, Arthur: Plum, Biere de Norma 2019, Civil Disobedience Blend 37, Self-Reliance: Nelson Sauvin, and Wheat Blanc. There is a limit of one box per customer. 

At Noon EST on Friday, our webshop ( will open. As with previous sales, we will use our electronic pre-queue and waiting room system, which opens at 11:45 a.m. ET (15 minutes before the sale goes live). When you sign into the pre-queue, you’ll join everyone for the sale. The time when you sign into the pre-queue will not impact your order in the queue. As the sale opens, people will be randomly added to an order queue, moved to the waiting room, and brought into the shop to make purchases.

We will ship orders on Wednesday and Thursday, 27 and 28 March.


Bottle selection for home delivery