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Retail Update for 20 March 2024

Clover • Nonconformist 10 • Of First & Last Things • Excursions: HBC 586 • Society & Solitude #7 • Direct to Consumer

As the Spring Equinox approaches, we’ve got a full slate of updates and offerings this coming week! A new arrival of Clover, this time in 750ml bottles, and a new entry in our creative Nonconformist collection to greet the spring. Cans of Of First & Last Things and Excursions: HBC 586/Phantasm return to our can coolers, along with the overlong return of Society & Solitude #7 (no cans, growlers only). 

Stay tuned for an announcement on Monday for an upcoming direct-to-consumer sale for Pennsylvania, Virginia, Vermont, and District of Columbia residents!


Occasionally, we will fill multiple formats of bottles as part of our ever-curious endeavors—suitably Clover-like. In this instance, we selected a blend of Ann, Art, and Flora barrels, each of which had been resting for between 16 and 27 months, for sharing in the 750ml format. Some of you may have enjoyed this in our taproom from time to time.

While quintessentially Clover, this expression presents an entirely novel opportunity to observe its progressive arc—in this case, we anticipate many years of . Following four years of monitored conditioning, we now share the unique arrival of one of our most cherished offerings. This will be a 1 bottle per person limit for the duration of the release.

Nonconformist 10

This, our tenth entry, arrives just in time for spring. Comprised of Florence and Wheat Blanc, the composition was aged in a white wine barrel for 15 months and then atop organic strawberries from Adam’s Berry Farm in Charlotte, Vt. This beer was bottled and allowed over a year of development and rest. As always, the label features the inventive artwork of our creative collaborator and lifelong friend, Alex Peltz of Peltz Creative.

Also in the Retail Shop

Our can coolers will feature Riwaka Single Hop Pale Ale, Foster, Harlan, Double Nelson, Society & Solitude #6, Society & Solitude #11, Everett, and Mary. Visit our website for a complete list of our  bottle selections.


Clover and Nonconformist 10 bottles