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Fare Thee Well, Chris

After more than five years—plus a brief hiatus and at least 50,000 miles of weekly trips between Connecticut and Vermont—Chris Papallo begins the next chapter of his adventures, much closer to family, and, we hope, spending far less time behind the wheel. 

As our wild program steward for the last two years, Chris has been an integral part of collaboratively shepherding so many of our Farmstead® ales from brewday to bottle during what can only be seen as an unprecedented time. He has been instrumental in the perpetual refinement of the processes so central to each beer’s journey, and his keen palate has advanced leaps and bounds since originally joining us in 2016, fresh off the Sterling College brewing course. 

We’re grateful for his hard work, dedication, and deeply emotional investment into each barrel, each beer, and each interaction with us as individuals.

We wish him and his family all the best, and we look forward to his next visit… but save yourself the drive for a few weeks at least!

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