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Goodnight, Sweet Charlie

Today, the Hill Farmstead family bids fond but melancholy farewell to Charlie Dog, our faithful, loving golden retriever companion. He passed peacefully at home, well loved, indeed.

Adopted by Sharon Hill a decade ago, Charlie quickly and effortlessly adopted everyone on Hill Road and beyond. He became the (un)official Hill Farmstead greeter from the beginning—tail wagging, tongue lolling—and he never failed to charm anyone wiling to stand still.

Almost anyone who has ever visited us has met—and likely has a story—about Charlie. In the early years, he would sneak into the brewery during retail hours to get ear scratches and meet other dog guests. He knew he wasn’t supposed to come inside, but the risk of being gently guided outside was always worth the reward. It was impossible to be angry with Charlie, so there were never real consequences—which surely he knew.

He kept close watch as the brewery grew, monitoring construction daily like a furry foreman, managed the crowds for all our events, and even helped on Green Up Day in the spring—since they were his roads, too!

Charlie was a constant. Rain, snow, or sunshine, he would ramble his way across the field from his house to the brewery with his characteristic cheerful demeanor. When luminaries visited, he immediately introduced himself and entranced them without fail. From the smallest children to the biggest personalities in beer, he had boundless joy and love to share… especially if you may chance to drop some of your lunch.

Fare thee well, Sweet Charlie. May you find endless fields to wander, constant but satisfying behind-the-ear scratches and bottom rubs, and dropped tacos… all the dropped tacos.


If you would like to celebrate the memory of Charlie, please donate or volunteer some of your time to your local, independent animal shelter.

In the Northeast Kingdom, you can support the following worthy organizations:

Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter
4473 Barton Orleans Road
Orleans, VT 05860
[email protected]

North Country Animal League
16 Mountain View Meadow Road
Morrisville, VT 05661
[email protected]

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