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The Order of Things

We’d like to provide some additional information about our new collection of double-barrel-aged blended stouts, including details for each one being released this week!

Michel Foucault’s The Order of Things explores truth, temporal contextualization, and epistemic assumptions and provides the impetus with which we recognize the necessity for conscious examination of knowledge. In that spirit, we offer a collection that features unique blends of double residency stouts and porters—barrel-aged and thoughtfully woven together—with an optimistic projection of a layered, novel, complex result.

The opening entry features an assemblage of four selections, each aged between 1.5 and 2 years in Bourbon barrels: Beyond Good and Evil, Genealogy of Morals, Barrel-Aged Everett, and Damon. This curation was. They then rested in freshly emptied barrels that held Rye Whiskey from WhistlePig Whiskey in Shoreham, Vt., for an additional half-year. The result is a rich, nuanced expression of familiar sensory memories within an until-now unexplored context.

The second blending is composed of a single Cognac barrel containing Genealogy of Morals that had previously enjoyed several months in Bourbon barrels and a portion of Damon aged first in Port barrels for eighteen months then further in whiskey barrels from Whistle Pig in Shoreham, Vt., for an additional sixteen months The curated blend was then conditioned atop organic almonds and vanilla beans from Madagascar Vanilla Co. in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

The third composition is comprised of an imperial stout brewed in honor of batch #1,000—aged in Sherry barrels for nearly two years after spending several months in Bourbon barrels—and an imperial stout blend that conditioned in Bourbon barrels for several months and then further rested in similar Sherry barrels for nearly two years.