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Vera Mae 2024 Wrap-Up

Spring soared in with sunshine (and black flies), and the timing of our dandelion harvest for this year’s Vera Mae couldn’t have been better. We had a fantastic turnout each day (thank you!), and volunteers harvested a record-setting amount of spring blossoms: more than 130kg! 

Over the course of three days, we had more than three dozen hearty folks out in our fields, bags in hands, collecting an astounding amount of yellow floral gold.

Immediately following harvest, the flowers were vacuum-sealed and stored cold until brewday arrived. For the brew, the flowers were steeped (much like tea) and then incorporated alongside organic barley, organic pilsner malt, organic buckwheat, organic spelt, organic wheat, and Vermont wildflower honey harvested here at Hill Farmstead Brewery. 

After fermentation, it will rest in oak puncheons for an indeterminate amount of time before being bottled with an optimistic outlook for release next spring, about the same time as harvest!

Once again, we’re grateful for everyone’s hard work and enthusiasm


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