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Wet Hop American Pale Ale: Centennial 2019

Wet Hop American Pale Ale: Centennial

2019 Whitefield Hop Yard (East Hardwick, Vermont)

This coming Wednesday, 4 September, we welcome the debut of our first wet hopped beer!

Perfectly ripe Centennial hops from nearby Whitefield Hop Yard  (exactly 5 miles driving) were harvested Friday morning and immediately driven to the brewery, where they were added directly to a tank of American pale ale. These wet, undried, whole cones will steep over the Labor Day weekend, then be packaged and immediately served for onsite enjoyment and for 750ml growlers to go.

After admiring decades of wet-hop beer tradition throughout the West Coast brewing community, the quality of these hops grown locally by our friends at Whitefield Hop Yard have allowed us to join this tradition.

Much more to come…

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