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Retail Update for 1 July 2023

Nonconformist 08 • Edward • Harlan • Double Nelson • Society & Solitude #6

As July arrives and prime summer weather approaches, we’ll debut a particularly unique and delightful entry in our Nonconformist series, as well as four additions to our can and draft offerings: Edward; Harlan; Society & Society #6; and Double Nelson.

We’ll have three returning folks for this week’s food truck scene: Wednesday – Smokin’ Somethin’ BBQ; Thursday – Mexirico Mexican/Puerto Rican; and Friday/Saturday – Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ.

Nonconformist 08

From time to time, we yield a little extra base beer, which also times out nicely with the receipt of some freshly emptied oak barrels; in this case, a couple of Aromatic/Gentian Bitters Barrels arrived a few days prior to brewing Self-Reliance: Citra®—perfect timing! After nearly three months of residency in these unique vessels—and an additional seven months conditioning in bottle—we present yet another playful, novel exploration of ingredient combinations and aging opportunities. The result is expressive, light, and complex—a familiar form that casts a shadow of its distinctive oak past. 

This series provides us an opportunity to share a wide-ranging assortment of blended beers, exploratory aging techniques, and distinctive ingredient pairings, with imaginative artwork by our lifelong friend and collaborator, Alex Peltz of Peltz Creative.

Our retail shop’s bottle selection will also include Soigné; Raspberry: 2020 Harvest; Sankt; Viola Sofia; Wheat Blanc; Works of Love: Russian River Brewing/The Lost Abbey; Vera Mae 2022; Pear: 2021 Harvest; Sankt Hans; and guest offerings.

Additional canned offerings include Song of Summer (Pale Ale), George (Brown Ale), Marie (German-style Helles), and Mary (German-style Pilsner).

Production Picture