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Retail Update for 22 July 2023

Once Upon a Time in Denmark… • The Civic Standard • Edward • Nelson Single Hop Pale Ale • Of First & Last Things • Society & Solitude #5

Thank you to everyone who has visited this week, supported our area from near and far, and provided a constant reminder of the power of community with your continued acts of kindness. The clean-up and repairs continue—and will for quite some time—but the momentum of shared progress can carry forward well beyond the remains of the flood waters.

This week we will offer five additional canned offerings (noted above) and introduce a new bottle collection, inspired and guided by the memory of time spent on Denmark’s tiny island of Fanø: 

Once Upon a Time in Denmark… 

Look for a separate post with complete details on each of the beers, but these will be sold as a set of three, comprised of the following:

Biscotti – As originally conceived by Ryan Witter-Merithew and Shaun Hill, this is an Imperial stout aged in Bourbon barrels and conditioned with Coffee Collective Vista Hermosa coffee; organic Madagascar vanilla beans; single-origin, organically-grown cacao nibs; and certified organic almonds.

Breakfast Stout – Imperial stout brewed with lactose, aged in Bourbon barrels, and conditioned atop a curated espresso blend from Coffee Collective.

Southward – Imperial stout aged simultaneously in Bourbon barrels and Cognac barrels, blended, and then conditioned with George Howell Coffee; organic Madagascar vanilla beans; fresh direct-import cacao nibs from Tibito Chocolate; and certified organic roasted pecans.

As mentioned, we will release cans of our charitable beer, The Civic Standard, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to The Civic Standard (see our previous post for details).

No food vendor on Weds. or Thursday, so bring a picnic or swing through one of our local businesses for a snack stock-up. However, Making the CuTX BBQ will join us Thursday and Friday, so bring your appetites!

Please visit our retail page for a fully updated list of cans and bottles available for takeaway, as well as our taproom offerings.