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Retail Update for 30 November 2022

Civil Disobedience Blend 35 • Edward and Harlan

The holiday season is truly upon us! Snow on the slopes and flurries in the air, we are buoyed by the energy of a grateful Thanksgiving. For this coming week, we will offer a new emergence within our Civil Disobedience collection, Blend 35, as well as freshly packaged drafts and cans of Edward and Harlan available for takeaway. Stay tuned Monday for an announcement for an upcoming opportunity for another home delivery!

Civil Disobedience Blend 35

This, the thirty-fifth entry in our blended barrel-aged Farmstead® ale collection spans more than five years and is comprised of wine barrel-aged Anna and Arthur from late summer 2017 that rested in barrels whose lineage includes Elaborative Five, Flora, Ann, and Art. This presentation has undertaken an unhurried journey from brew day to assembly to glass, traversing more than four years of conditioning in the bottle prior to release. Given the fascinating progression of the blend over the course of these four years in bottle—and its current Anna-forward presentation—we anticipate that this blend has a long road of positive expression for the next 5 (or more) years. We have witnessed this beer’s mysterious evolution, nonplussed by the significant length of time required for its transition from our optimistically projected blend to a period of ambiguity. A discourse between its components ensued in bottle, with neither taking a leading role for more than two years. Now, at four years, its current manifestation exhibits honeyed aromatics, vibrant mid-palate, and a balance of integrated acidity, texture, and weight.

We can now present to you another blended experience of time, place, and patience.

Our Takeaway Line-up:

  • Edward – American Pale Ale
  • Harlan – American IPA
  • Mosaic Single Hop IPA – IPA brewed exclusively with personally selected Mosaic® hops, grown in Yakima, Wash
  • Abner – American Imperial IPA brewed with a plethora of hops.
  • Marie – German-style Helles brewed with organic malted barley
  • Twilight of the Idols – Holiday porter with vanilla, cinnamon, and coffee. 
  • Anna, Honey Farmstead® Ale
  • Arthur, Farmstead® Ale
  • Florence, Wheat Farmstead® Ale
  • Clara, Farmstead® Grisette
  • Charlie, Low-alcohol Farmstead® Ale
  • Convivial Suarez, Farmstead® Ale with hibiscus and lime
  • Plum: 2021 Harvest, Barrel-aged Farmstead® Ale with local organic plums
By the Glass

Selections for onsite enjoyment will include Edward; Harlan; Mosaic Single Hop IPA; Memoria; Marie; Excursions: Nelson Lakes – Nelson Sauvin IPA; and Earl. As well, we offer an ever-changing menu with bottles, glass pours of vintage beers, and guest ciders from nearby Wildbranch Cider.

An updated menu of growler options in our taproom may be found on our website’s Retail Shop page. Visit our website for more information on reservations and complete listings for can, bottle, growler, and draft offerings.


CD35 Bottle