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Retail Update for 31 May 2023

Pear: 2021 Harvest • Of First & Last Things • Double Motueka

It’s been a week of celebration, welcome sunshine, new and familiar faces, and many warm memories. We’re grateful that so many of you joined us throughout the week to usher in another year! We’ll debut a new seasonal representation of our ongoing fruited collection—Pear: 2021 Harvest—and freshly packaged cans of Of First & Last Things and Double Motueka. The taproom’s expanded bottle and glass pour menu will also continue into the coming week!

Pear: 2021 Harvest

Each harvest season, we choose various barrels of our Farmstead® ales that exhibit sympathetic characteristics for pairing with local fruit varieties. On occasion, a single selection speaks to an ideal projection of a fruit’s seasonal expression; other times, fruits may mingle best with a curated selection of barrels. Regardless of the base beer, the ideal outcome remains: a thoughtful representation of the fruit in season.

This blend was aged between 28 and 32 months in wine barrels and then conditioned further on a blend of Siberian pears and a few local varieties of desert pears—Stacy, Luscious, Summercrisp, and Nova—all organically grown by Elmore Roots Nursery in nearby Elmore, Vt. It is a delicate, expressive representation of Vermont’s summer and the annual autumn harvest.

Our retail shop’s bottle selection will also include Vera Mae 2022; Elaborative Six and Elaborative Seven (sold as pair); Works of Love: Russian River Brewing/The Lost Abbey; Anna: Motueka; Charlie; Sankt Hans; Double Barrel Aaron: Bourbon|Cognac; Civil Disobedience Blend 36; Biere de Norma; Wheat Blanc; Nonconformist 07; and more.

Additional canned offerings include Ephraim (Triple IPA); Mary (German-style Pilsner); and Excursions: Nelson Sauvin (Nelson Lakes) (IPA).


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